Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Food Network Rant #2

I love Italian food. Everyone loves Italian food. The food network has 3 Italian cooking shows that run almost every day, "Everyday Italian", "Molto Mario", and "Easy Entertaining". Then a fourth show that isn't on as often, also starring Mario Batali. That's great. The problem is that they don't have a single cooking show that focuses on French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or Indian cuisine. For that matter they don't have Moroccan, Portuguese, Mexican, Philippino, Greek, Korean, Thai, German, English, Scandinavian, or Jewish shows either. But 3 Italian shows everyday? And what else is there? Nu Southern American with Paula Deen, BBQ and Southwestern with Bobby Flay, Cajun with Emeril, and that's about it as far as shows that focus on any specific culinary background. There's no show specifically about wine, cheese, seafood, bread, or any other specific type of food like that either except dessert. If you add everything up it comes (roughly) to Italian: 4, different varieties of the American South: 4, Dessert: 1. Everything else: 0. All the rest of the cooking shows have no real central style (not counting diet food shows), which isn't necessarily a bad thing but on the Food Network this is the category where Rachel Ray and her ilk rear their ugly heads. Sandra Lee is probably the worst offender. But that's a different rant.


Anonymous Molly said...

I have a semi-sick obsession with the Food Network Challenges.

And if you're looking for a companion in your (completely correct) loathing of Sandra Lee:

10:20 PM  
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