Monday, September 18, 2006

A few pictures from the kitchen

I took these with my cell phone over the past few months. I like them.

The first one is a picture of some meat loaf that Jason made for staff meal after he started making burger patties but didn't get a chance to finish. By the next day all the ground beef he'd opened but hadn't used had oxidized. When ground beef oxidizes it turns brown so that you can't cook it to temperature properly. Yes, it is shaped like a cock and balls, and yes it has fries for pubes.This is cheesecake base with huckleberry puree that has just been pressed through the chinoise on top.
This is avocado that has just been pressed though a sieve. I thought it was really cool how it stayed in perfect little squares as it stuck to the bottom. The white stuff on top is a little bit of the whipped cream that the mashed avocado is about to be folded into to make avocado mousse.


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