Monday, August 14, 2006

Front vs. Back

I've heard a lot about front of the house/back of the house conflicts and tensions. Apparently they are common in many restaurants. I've never really understood why/how that could happen. Last night, while I was working on the line(!) was the first time I've ever become annoyed with a server. It was very insignificant but now I can see how these things get started. I'm not sure I should go into specifics because I have no idea who reads this thing and it has been requested that I not say negative things about the restaurant (this isn't a negative thing about the restaurant is it?). But I will say this: I am confident that it is the front's fault 9 times out of 10. Am I biased? Yes, very.

In other news the schedule has been tweaked giving me two days when I'm likely to get to work on the line rather than just one. hooray


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