Monday, July 24, 2006

A Partial Tour of the Kitchen

Starting at the entrance to the line: There is a huge double decker brick oven both sections of which go at 450 degrees all day. Then there's the deep frier which of course is basically a big bucket of very hot oil. Next to that is the "low boy". A "low boy" is a device about a 1'6" high that has 2 very large gas burners. It's mainly used for simmering large pots of stock. To the right of that there is a roughly 5x3 grill for cooking burgers, steaks etc.. Then comes 8 eight gas burners that are far more powerful than the kind you might have in your home. They sit above 2 more ovens. Then finally there's something I don't know the name of but is basically a solid flat piece of metal that gets really hot, sort of a hole free grill. At the other end of the kitchen is the dishwasher which emits large quantities of steam. All of these things are turned on all day. Usually its not so bad but when it gets as hot as has the past few days the kitchen can be a very uncomfortable place. The temptation to linger in the walk-in refrigerator longer than necessary is great.


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