Sunday, May 14, 2006

Preserving the butter chunks

I haven't been updating much because I've had little new to say. Kitchen work in a restaurant is very repetitive, at least for me. I'm not complaining. I still love it but the past couple weeks have led to few insights.

I did learn something that I've decided is worth sharing today however. Jason taught me the proper way to make a shortbread crust. It was for the lemon tart but it's not in any way specific to it. It's just about as basic as it can get, consisting of flour, sugar, butter and water. I'm accustomed to simply pressing the dough into the pan with my fingers when making tarts at home. Instead, Jason told me to put the dough between two sheets of plastic wrap and roll it out so that it's about and inch wider than the pan at every point, flipping the dough over as needed. Once the dough is rolled, carefully remove the top layer of plastic wrap and turn it into the pan before removing the other layer. Carefully fold over the overhanging dough and press it to the sides so that its even all the way around. This method preserves the large chunks of butter which give the crust its tender flakiness.


Anonymous couplakeys said...

damn i'm hungry.

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