Sunday, April 23, 2006

I finally have a real full fledged callous

To my dismay ravioli has been temporarily discontinued due to problems with the pasta maker. I.e. the piece of shit broke after 3 weeks. So my favorite job is no more for the time being. Jason promises there will be a new ravioli recipe and production method soon though. However I've been learning how to do lots of new things to fill that void since I got back from vacation after a relative lull during the week beforehand. My skill set now includes making Pico de Gallo, vanilla ice cream, and lemon tart filling. Ice cream at The Jones contains 48 egg yolks per gallon. Plus I learned how to "French" rack of lamb today.

I think it was for a special but I have an ominous feeling that rack of lamb might find its way onto the menu. I say this because "frenching" rack of lamb is a real pain in the ass. You have to painstakingly scrape a thin layer of something that doesn't seem to be meat or fat off of every bone. Each bone takes about 2 minutes and each rack has roughly 8 bones. The entire process takes about 20 minutes per rack. I guess I'll just have to get better at it. I cut myself twice scraping lamb rack stuff today. Once deep enough that it bled.

edit: rack of lamb is now on the menu


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