Sunday, March 19, 2006

I have complete control of the kitchen CD player now

Last night I had the Tagliata, which is grilled and sliced beef tenderloin with sauteed shallots and cherry tomato halves over barley risotto in a white wine and rosemary reduction. Tonight I had pan seared duck breast and confit thigh, glazed with local hive mind honey and served with root vegetables and watercress.(I stole a menu)
Attractive Waitress: Wow, did you know you look exactly like James Blunt?
I'm starting to worry that fancy food won't feel special anymore.
Me: um... no. Who's James Blunt?
I can make things I've made before when they tell me to make them now. Someone just says we need more pizza dough I just go right ahead and make more pizza dough. It feels incredible. At Roxy's I rarely actually learned how to make anything like that. Mainly I just chopped, sliced, and portioned things.
Attractive Waitress: He sings that song "you're beautiful"
Me: oh, I hate that song... but um, thanks


Blogger DrNaste said...

One bit of advice for you: take full advantage of your control over the CD player.

Don't let what happened to me happen to you - You don't want to be stuck listening to a Stayin' Alive remix day in, day out.

I used to think that Hell was the Greyhound bus station in Washington, DC... now I think it's that same bus station with that song on loop.

1:23 PM  

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