Thursday, February 09, 2006

I promise to update regularly

First my internet connection was down, then I went to Olympia for a couple days, then I was lazy, but I'm back. I've decided to scrap the "food of the week" idea for now. I don't want to post any recipes that I haven't tried before. So rather than try to find foods for which I already have several tried recipes close at hand, I'm just going to post recipes as I try them and deem them worthy.

Roxy's just opened for dinner a few weeks ago and at last there are appetizer, dinner, desert, and cocktail menus. So far it been pretty slow in the evenings but Peter (owner) has hired a P.R. person and he says it will probably take a couple months for word to sufficiently circulate. When that happens our hours will be extended from 10 pm to 2 am. I get to be the cook! It will be a limited menu, that is five or six staple items. The only ones I know for sure are the hot pastrami sandwich, the hot corned beef sandwich, and fries. I'm very excited about this.


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