Monday, January 30, 2006


My name is Julian. I am a 19 year old recent college dropout with hopes of breaking into the world of proffesional food preparation. I am currently employed as a dishwasher/busboy/prepcook (in that order) at Roxy's Deli, (the website is very, very out of date. Today Roxy's looks nothing like the photos and the menu is vastly different too) a Jewish, New York style restaurant in the trendy Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. We serve great blintzes and the reuban is second to none. I have ambitions of climbing high in the culinary world and this blog will chronical my ascent from lowly dishwasher onward through prep and line cooking, culinary school, and beyond. You can also expect frequent postings of recipes, restaurant reviews depending on how often I'm lucky enough to eat out, and other food related musings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should learn how to spell "Reuben" first... -- Patrick

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