Monday, April 03, 2006

Business is booming

Friday and Saturday at The Jones were every bit as busy as expected given the reviews. Friday night when my parents came in they had to wait in the bar a half hour for a table. Its an incredible thing to watch when a skilled chef is working quickly. It makes doing the dishes ever so slightly inspiring knowing that everyone of the dirty plates had a work of art on them a few minutes ago. More so when I come across plates with remnants of dishes that I had a hand in somewhere along the line. The Ravioli in particular gives me a good feeling.

My hours have been expanded yet again! I'm now working 5 days a week. That means full time and maybe even some overtime. And I'll actually get paid extra for overtime. Not like with those fucking crooks at college pro painters. If you ever need your house painted, don't hire College Pro. Their business revolves around taking advantage of college kids who just need jobs, paying them about 1/3rd the hourly rate of professional painters. I could go on and on.


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