Friday, March 31, 2006

Reviews of The Jones in both Daily Seattle newspapers today!

There are reviews of The Jones in the Seattle PI and the Seattle Times today. Both are overwhelmingly positive. The times article is a little bit kinder and shorter though. The PI review predicts that Maple Leaf will be the new Ballard and places The Jones on the forefront of the revolution. Fuck yeah. It turns out that Jason is a more accomplished chef than I realized. He has worked at the Herb Farm and Nell's. For those that don't know, both are extremely high quality establishments. Especially The Herb Farm, that's one of those $100(edit: actually its more like $179) a person type places. In fact I think it's pretty famous. Jeremy's credentials are nothing to scoff at either. I am soooo lucky.

Tonight is going to be very busy.


Anonymous Molly said...

Congrats Julian. Sounds great. Hopefully when we come out west, we'll be able to stop by on the way down from Bellingham. And of course, we are moving from one culinary destination to another...

7:27 PM  

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