Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Jones has a website

Can't believe I didn't find it sooner. Had to hear about it from my dad. Not the best website ever, but once again far better than the one for Roxy's. It's only slightly out of date. Mainly just when it comes to the deserts.

In other news the "non-commercial" Kitchen Aid all purpose mixing machine couldn't handle the stress of being used about 30 times more than it would be in a typical household. It has been replaced with a huge hulking "intended for commercial use" machine that doesn't have attachments for kneading pasta dough or grating cheese. Now I have to use a hand crank to make pasta, which is lame. I didn't have to grate any cheese tonight but I'm worried its going to become a very unpleasant task. The cheese grating attachment on the kitchen aid could do about 5 pounds of cheese in about 2 minutes. Maybe doing that every other night is what broke it.

I think "DJ Kitchen Aid, the all purpose mixing machine" would be a great name for a DJ.

New server, bartender, chef, and hostess tonight. The chef's name is Veronica , which doesn't start with a J. That has me pretty pissed off. She seems nice though.


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