Sunday, April 09, 2006

Boycott Caesar Salads

I am never going to order a Caesar salad at restaurant ever again and neither should you. These are the reasons:
I am going to spend
1. There are slight variations and different levels of quality, but for the most part if you've had a Caesar salad at 3-5 places you've had them all.
the rest of my life
2. They are on the menu at almost every restaurant in the world. Its lazy and unimaginative.
fantasizing about waitresses
3. There are infinite possibilities for new, interesting, and delicious salads, many of which will never be realized because people just want to wolf down romaine and croutons all the time. Looking back on all the salads I've eaten at restaurants at least 3/4 of them have been Caesar in nature. That's awfully depressing.
I don't have a chance with.
If I'm a guest at someone's house and they serve Caesar salad obviously I'm not going to be rude and refuse to eat it. I'm still going to have to make Caesar dressing, make croutons, and chop romaine at work. Not much I can do about that. but still...

Sure they're good, but its time for everyone to give something else a chance. Hopefully lots of other things.


Anonymous john said...

Dude who do you know that reads this blog from Saudi Arabia? Or Vietnam? Or Australia?

I guess I'm pretty damn impressed.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Julian said...

I don't know anyone. I think they just happened upon it one way or another.

11:14 PM  
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