Monday, May 22, 2006

Knife Law

I'm beginning to suspect that there is a somewhat complicated set of unwritten, unspoken rules regarding knives in the kitchen. Some of the knives, possibly all of the good knives seem to belong to one of the cooks, not the restaurant. No one has ever told me that I can't use this knife or that knife, and no one has ever asked me to give them a knife I was using. Nor has anyone told me that I should bring in my own. There are plenty to go around. Its really just a vibe that I can't explain that gives me this feeling. Maybe in less laid back kitchens there are more pronounced rules about knife use and I'm just feeling an echo. Maybe its all as simple as "don't take other people's knives". Or maybe its just all in my head.


Anonymous Molly said...

I always thought (or so I have heard from my few friends that have worked in the business) that in most restaurants, especially nice ones, chefs bring their own knives. It's always struck me as slightly odd, but I guess it's the name of the game when people are spending their own money to get the best ones.

9:30 PM  
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