Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New Era

I hope I didn't mislead everyone to badly when I said that I am the sous chef. What I was trying to get across is that I'm really the interim sous chef by default. That period is coming to an end. Like, today. Beginning this afternoon it's seems I'm going to become the 4th-5th most experienced person in the kitchen as new senior talent trickles in to fortify things against the potential disaster of chef Jason's resignation in a little over a month. I think the kitchen will be pretty overstaffed between then and now. The next few days will see 2 new cooks in the kitchen and a new host. We haven't really had a new person in the kitchen in over a year and the front of the house crew has been relatively static as well. Now everyone has to establish or reestablish their place. With Joe only working 3 days a week, Kyle the dishwasher's impending "poached" status, and 2 new, more experienced cooks, plus Scott the owner joining the kitchen I'm concerned that I'll end up doing more dishes than I'm comfortable with. I'll be pretty upset if that happens.

Oh, and apparently we're bringing those goddamn fritters back too.


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