Friday, June 20, 2008

Free Bacon!

Today a woman demanded that she not be charged for the bacon on her burger because "one piece was warm and one piece was cold." Everyone agreed that was a new one and she was totally full of shit. Both pieces were definitely warm and the same temperature. The bacon plate sits above the very warm range in the 90 degree kitchen all day. Then it gets briefly tossed on the grill to order. Then we place it on top of the also warm burger patty. THEN it sits under a heat lamp for 0-1.5 minutes before its run to a table. Its pretty much the same every time someone orders a bacon burger. This order was early in the day before we were very busy and so it probably went out pretty quick.

People who try to get free things at restaurants by making up bullshit problems with the food: You can usually get away with it because we have to be polite, avoid a scene, et cetera, but we know when you're lying, exaggerating, or whatever, and we hate you. We (well, me at least) hope you choke on your free bacon and realize the karmic irony just before you lose consciousness. Good thing I don't deal with customers, huh?

Speaking of the bacon plate, it sits at eye level right next to my station all day and this results in me eating 10-16 pieces of bacon per week.

I hope reading this entry made you want some bacon!

Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon.


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