Saturday, November 11, 2006


First off it felt very strange to not be the dishwasher. When I heard dishes being washed my first instinct was to go wash them. I kind of felt guilty that someone else was washing the dishes and I had to tell myself over and over again "The dishes are not your responsibility. The dishes are not your responsibility."

They mostly had me doing the boring prep jobs. Chopping vegetables, picking and chif-ing herbs, etc. I didn't really mind. Those are actually the things I rarely do at The Jones because Ravioli and Timbale take up so much of my time. It gave me a chance to work on those knife skills. The only thing I really didn't like was prepping plates for the beet carpaccio. That involved slicing beets ultra thin with the deli slicer then carefully laying them out around the edges of the plates so that they look pretty. That one was kind of a pain in the ass.

There were four people working the line. A 6'5" 275# man named Elwood and I worked the pantry station. We were responsible for starters and desserts. Almost all the orders we got were from the 25 for 25 menu. After all, the main reason they need me is the bump in volume that the 25 for 25 promotion gives them. There were 4 starters and 3 desserts. The starters were an arugula salad, a mixed green salad, kohlrabi soup, and beet carpaccio with scallop sashimi. They were all pretty straight forward. The most difficult part was keeping what bowl went with what dressing straight. All 4 of the starters required at least one bowl and the carpaccio needed 2. Next week I think I'll label them. The desserts were a brownie with ice cream, some kind of crisp, and a brulee. I did a few Brulees but for the most part Elwood took care of the desserts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How often are you going to be working at Nell's?

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