Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Road Tasted

The Food Network never stops trying to cause me pain. Have you ever watched Road Tasted? It's a show hosted by two brothers who's chief credential is that they are Paula Deen's sons. Undoubtedly the show was born when one day some Food Network V.P. said to himself, "People seem to like Paula Deen. Maybe that means giving her completely personality-less sons a show where they travel around in pastel polo shirts acting like complete douche bags in restaurants around the country is an idea that will make money." Seems like he was right. Normally I don't watch the Food Network shows I hate but every once in a while I'll watch a show like "30 minute meals" or "Semi homemade" just to remind myself why I hate them. I can't get through 5 minutes of Road Tasted. It's just too irritating. They travel around visiting restaurants, bakeries, specialty food stores, etc. They try the food and talk to the proprietors. It could be a decent show with the right hosts but the old problem of the food network only marketing to idiot housewives just won't ever go away. I seriously need to stop letting The Food Network get to me or I am going to go insane.


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